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Planting a grape vine at Shiloh Winery in Israel with a prayer for new life to grow and a living tribute to our baby girl who we lost 20 weeks in to our pregnancy, Harper. The label of this wine is an oil painting I created shortly after her loss. It’s called, BLOOM.

At the time of planting this vine, I had no idea how spiritually connected Shiloh (the region) was to the Bible.

It was the capital city of King David, the central place of worship for the early Israelites before the first temple was built in Jerusalem. It was also where the famous story of Hannah occurred.

Anyone who has walked through the valley of infertility, miscarriage, or inability to have children, may have found themselves inspired by the Biblical scripture of Hannah and her desire for a child (1 Samuel 1:1-28). Her story takes place in Shiloh, Israel where this wine is from. It is here where Hannah visited the Tabernacle to pour out her heart to God, begging Him for a child. God remembered Hannah and gave her a son, Samuel. For anyone praying as Hannah did, this wine bloomed from a vine in the Holy Land of Shiloh and found a way into your life. I pray that our miracle-working God blesses you with peace for your path and that the flames of hope and faith burn bright in your soul forever.


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About Jaclyn Misch

Wine educator, writer and media personality Jaclyn Misch believes that the key to understanding wine and learning how to taste objectively is to find someone relatable that can explain it well. Which is exactly what happened to her more than 10 years ago when she learned that with an open mind, wine could be a vehicle to exploring the culture, history and geology of the world.

With nothing but a passion and drive to learn more, she moved from her home state of Michigan to Napa Valley where she graduated top of her class with a Master’s in Wine Management from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America. She is currently pursuing her Diploma from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust and works on the research team for the 3rd edition of the best-selling wine book in the U.S., The Wine Bible by Karen MacNeil.

Jaclyn resides in Ann Arbor, Michigan and owns her own tasting company,Tasting Grapes LLC™, that offers in-person, customizable wine events as well as education on her social media channels. Her bachelor’s degree and former career in advertising allows her to break down the complex topic of wine in an entertaining, digestible way so that wine-lovers can build their wine confidence and apply what they have learned in actionable ways. As of 2020, Jaclyn is the lead instructor for the Napa Valley Wine Academy’s series of online wine 101 courses.

She works with wine producers around the world and shares bottle recommendations and wine history on her YouTube Channel, Instagram @jaclynmisch and blog, jaclynmisch.com. You may recognize her name from her time as a contestant and 2nd place winner of CBS’s reality TV show Survivor – Nicaragua (season 29). In her free time, she enjoys hiking with her two yellow labs (Koda & Yogi bear) and wine-loving husband, Jonathan.

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