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2021 Shiloh, BLOOM by Jaclyn Misch

Judean Hills, Israel | Cabernet Franc (65%) – Grenache (25%) – Barbera (10%)

Winemaker: Amichai Lourie
Grape Blend:

  • Cabernet Franc adds complexity, green and vegetal flavors/aromas.
  • Barbara adds red and blue fruity flavors/aromas.
  • Grenache adds red fruity flavors/aromas.

Each of the varietals were harvested at night on separate days based on their stage of ripening. They were destemmed and pressed gently. The first press is used to make this wine, which is known to be the best juice. Each varietal was cold fermented separately, which adds more flavor and structure and then blended by one of the best winemakers in Israel, Amichai Lourie (you may have seen him on an episode of Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain). This wine did not go through any malolactic conversion and no oak is used.

There are hundreds of ancient wine presses found in the area of Shiloh, proving the importance of wine to the culture, commerce and spirituality of the time. How cool that wine is still being made in such a historic place?!

Today, @shiloh_winery_amichai_lourie produces some of Israel’s most globally recognized wines. Not to mention from of the most ancient and spiritual wine terroirs on the planet. Their Cab Franc is one of the best I’ve ever had, which is why I’m SO excited to share this predominantly Cabernet Franc rosé with all of you! A truly unique wine and a bottle I’m so proud to be a part of!

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Shiloh 2021 Bloom Rosé

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Wine Specs

Vintage: 2021
Varietal: Rosé Blend
Composition: Cabernet Franc (65%) – Grenache (25%) – Barbera (10%)
Appellation: Judean Hills, Israel

Bloom Painting by Jaclyn Misch

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